Why is World Communications Day Important to Us?

In a world of swipes, gestures and emoji, the language we use and the way we communicate is constantly evolving.

Picture credit: NY Times

Will the Catholic Church survive the third millennium in today’s digital world?

The Church needs you.
You who are creatives.
You who are storytellers.
You who have a good eye.
You who love colours and symmetry.
You who are artists.
You who curate content.
You who speak PR.
You who read.
You who write.
You who script-write.
You who analyse.
You who program.
You whose first language is IT.
You who serve.
You who pray.

What is VITA?

“What we say and how we say it, our every word and gesture, ought to express God’s compassion, tenderness and forgiveness for all. Love, by its nature, is communication; it leads to openness and sharing. If our hearts and actions are inspired by charity, by divine love, then our communication will be touched by God’s own power.”
– Pope Francis, World Communications Day 2016

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