World Communications Day 2019

53rd World Communications Day

The theme for this year’s World Communications Day is:

“We are members one of another” – Eph 4:25
From social network communities to the human community

Ever since the internet first became available, the Church has always sought to promote its use in the service of the encounter between persons, and of solidarity among all. With this Message I would like to invite you once again to reflect on the foundation and importance of our being-in-relation and to rediscover, in the vast array of challenges of the current communications context, the desire of the human person who does not want to be left isolated and alone. – Pope Francis


Calling all Communicators

Writers, Journalists, Photographers, Videographers, Editors, Artists, Marketers, People in Radio and TV, PR and Communications Professionals, Volunteers and Enthusiasts were invited to the WORLD COMMUNICATIONS DAY Mass and the launch of CatholicSG Radio at the CATHEDRAL OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD on 02 JUNE 2019 @ 1030 hrs

The mass was celebrated by Archbishop William Goh and concelebrated by Msgr Philip Heng, S.J. & Fr Terence Kesavan

Did You Know?

World Communications Day (WCD)  is the only worldwide celebration called for by the Second Vatican Council?

The Bishops at the Second Vatican Council recognised that the technological advances of the 20th Century had dramatically changed the way people communicate and access information. Seeing great potential for both good  and evil, the Church established World Communications Day to remind us to communicate responsibly; and to instill a Christian spirit into social communications for the salvation of souls.

Pope Paul VI inaugurated the first World Communications Day in 1967.