Other Resources

Templates for corporate identity materials

These templates and guidelines will help church organisations and parishes to be more consistent in their communication materials. This will lead to a more cohesive and unified corporate identity for the Archdiocese.  This package includes: name card layout, letterhead template for MS Word, envelope design, logo implementation, and more.

Primer for building a communications team

Having a communications team, volunteer or otherwise, is an important aspect of being part of the New Evangelistaion. If the parish or organisations does not have a communications team, get help in kick-starting the process. Useful information and recruitment materials are included in this package.

Resource Bank (Stock image library, etc)

Sometimes in the course of creating content for audiences, parishes or church organisations may have challenges in acquiring raw resources for content generation.  With the help of generous hearts, the Archdiocese is rolling out content for the Church to use. Presently, stock images are available, with more content being planned for the future.

English to Chinese translated text for Catholic Church in Singapore

Provided for organisations that require mandarin translation text which includes titles, names, parishes, organisations, etc for their publications.

Guide to Catholic websites

This non-authoritative guide is a reference to Catholic-branded website and blogs so that Parishes and Church Organisations are clued in to which websites are faithful to the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings. Although non-exhaustive, it covers a number of websites and blogs that are usually shared online. Published by VITA Intel in collaboration with ArchComms.

Catholic.sg domain names for websites

Use the domain name (web address) Catholic.sg for your parish or organisation (e.g. catherdal.catholic.sg, stmichael.catholic.sg, seminary.catholic.sg) . Besides the obvious positive impact for the Church’s unified corporate identity, other advantages include security, cost savings and the use of a secure and safe domain name.

Catholic.org.sg email accounts

The main benefit of adopting these email accounts, besides cost-saving, is that these accounts are secured with the Archdiocese – you cannot lose them and there is no identity theft. This also forms part of the overall corporate identity strategy for the Archdiocese and will help to identify its users to the outside world as genuine representatives of their organisations.

 G-Suite Accounts

These come as a package when you have a Archdiocese-issued email account. Learn more about G-Suite here and Team Drives here.

  • Text documents, spreadsheet, slides, etc online applications
  • Cloud-based drive space
  • Collaboration and sharing tools
  • Simple website development


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