Policies, Guidelines & Copyright

Policies for Media, Publicity and Coverage of Church Events

Learn how to protect the overall interests of the Church through:

  1. securing copyright,
  2. giving access of coverage, and
  3. protecting its image.

This guide should be used in conjunction with the Deed of Assignment (view sample) which is to be used by church organisations and parishes when engaging photographers and videographers, either pro-bono, volunteer work or paid work.

Adopted by the Senate on 20 Aug 2015, all church entities are required to observe these policies as communicated by the Chancery on 1 SEP 2015.

Guidelines for the Use of Sacred Spaces for Commercial Filming

Learn about the guidelines and points of consideration when assessing if a filming request is suitable or not in your location.  Issued by Archbishop William Goh and promulgated to all Parishes via the Senate on 13 Dec 2014.

Policies for Communicating with the Media

Learn about policies and procedures when communicating with the media for various reasons. Issued by Archbishop William Goh and promulgated to all Church entities on 02 FEB 2014.

Corporate Identity Guides

This set provides the necessary corporate identity guidelines for Parishes and Organisations in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore. The pack contains the following guides:

  • Archdiocese Coat-of-arms (logo)
  • Name card, Letterhead, Envelopes
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Email signature block
  • etc

Motion Picture Licensing – for public viewing

The following is a condensed version of some of the important points in the agreement which expires in Sep 2019. You are encouraged to read the entire agreement for better understanding and to check if you are part of the Archdiocesan licensee group.

  • Allows the Church to publicly screen motion pictures and other licensed programmes from legally obtained sources (which are otherwise for home use)
  • Under ‘Special Terms’ there is to be no ticketing proceeds charged to the audience
  • The public performance shall take place in the facility identified or otherwise notified
  • The sole purpose of such performances is to entertain and or educate authorised viewers and the audience will be limited accordingly
  • No specific titles or any characters will be advertised or publicised to the general public
  • The public performance cannot be used to endorse any goods or services
  • MPLC may send the Licensee notices that certain titles cannot be or may no longer be publicly performed under the Agreement

Church Copyright Licence – for reproduction of song lyrics

The Church Copyright Licence covers the reproduction of the words of songs only, and these reproductions can be in the following formats of: DIGITAL (e.g. data projection etc;) PRINT (e.g. bulletins, order-of-service sheets, etc;) RECORDING (provided instrumentation is “live,” with no backing tracks playing in background) and TRANSLATION (when no published translation is available.)

Refer to the Licence Information document for details regarding display of copyright details; access details to the online catalogue; and the Access Codes section to check if you are licensed.

Learn more about online streaming under the CCLI here 

Copyright Acknowledgement – for reproduction of The Roman Missal

This refers to the English translation of the The Roman Missal which is being used in our Archdiocese. Please include the acknowledgement for print and digital materials. The copyright acknowledgment should include: the name of the ICEL text, the copyright symbol, year of publication, ICEL’s corporate title, and the phrase all rights reserved (see example below). For a complete listing of copyrighted materials and for the latest information, visit ICEL’s website

The English translation of The Roman Missal © 2010, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.


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