Three Ways To Repurpose Content

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery… Is that adage really so in the digital landscape? How does duplicate content affect Facebook algorithms on your postings? 1. Duplicate post ranks lower on Facebook algorithms In a post, Facebook has begun to penalise those who publish content that has low-content value. The revised algorithm [...]

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The launch of the Countering Fake News microsite

In general, fake news refers to the spreading of false information based on non-existent or distorted data which is meant to deceive and manipulate the reader, on digital online platforms or in the traditional media. In order to Counter Fake news more effectively, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese has launched a Counter Fake News microsite [...]

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Launch of Stories website – is Launched! "Why stories?" you may ask. Jesus used parables and stories to talk about God. Storytelling imparts wisdom and help us make sense of a complex reality. It connects with our inner lives and people are touched and converted. Read inspiring, real-life stories of how people have walked their journeys in [...]

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Church Welcomes Support to Unwed Mothers and Stresses Building Holistic Families

The Church values life, regardless of the family situation (single or married). Children are innocent, hence any support that benefits them are welcome. However the State can certainly do more to educate our people on the importance of family and building holistic families. There should be better preparation for marriage and education of the young on [...]

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PAPAL EXHORTATION: AMORIS LAETITIA “The Joy of Love: On Love in the Family”

MEDIA RELEASE: 8 April 2016 PAPAL EXHORTATION: AMORIS LAETITIA “The Joy of Love: On Love in the Family” Text released on 8 April at 12:00 pm (Rome) or (10:00 am GMT) or 6.00pm Singapore time This apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis is the conclusion of a two-year synod process that discusses both the beauty and challenges of family [...]

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