Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery… Is that adage really so in the digital landscape? How does duplicate content affect Facebook algorithms on your postings?

1. Duplicate post ranks lower on Facebook algorithms

In a post, Facebook has begun to penalise those who publish content that has low-content value. The revised algorithm will affect publishers or content editors that copy content blindly without repurposing content.

So what can content editors do? Do not steal content. Or copy wholesale. Repurpose content thoughtfully. Techcrunch shares more…

So how does Facebook determine if content is stolen? Its systems compare the main text content of a page with all other text content to find potential matches. The degree of matching is used to predict that a site stole its content. It then uses a combined classifier merging this prediction with how clickbaity a site’s headlines are plus the quality and quantity of ads on the site.

2. When using same content (video/article/story), use a different pull-out quote from the video/article/story to increase engagement and improve content ranking

Two persons can read the same article, yet what strikes them could be totally different. Use a pull-out quote that speaks to you, which will be of interest to your target audience that you are trying to reach.

3. Curate stories that are of interesting content

Use stories from or faith sharings from your RCIA/RCIY group, community/ministry. Faith stories penetrate into a different dimension of the spiritual life, seeing how God is working in one’s life awakens other’s to seeing how Jesus is working in their own.

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