Catholic Church’s response to detention of Auxiliary Police Officer

20 June 2017 (Tuesday)  –  The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore is saddened to hear of the arrest of a radicalised auxiliary police officer with another officer placed under restriction orders for supporting him. It is understood that both men worked as security personnel at the Immigration Checkpoint in Woodlands.  Coming close after the report of the self-radicalised childcare assistant last week, this new case places even greater personal responsibility upon each and every one of us as Singaporeans.

To protect the sanctity of peace and harmony which we enjoy in our multi-religious, multi-cultural society we should reach out to members of our families or even friends whom we know have been influenced by extreme religious ideology.  With the help of known and respected religious teachers and leaders these family members could be led back on the right path.

Even though it may be painful to report a loved one who has been misguided by terrorist ideologies, it is better to surrender him or her to the relevant authorities for their greater good as well as for the good of all Singaporeans.

We cannot depend solely on our security agencies or the government to protect us from acts of terrorism here. So we all need to step-up and take personal responsibility; to stay alert and report any activity that could threaten the safety and freedom of our families and neighbours. Security is everyone’s responsibility.

Importantly we need to stand by our Muslim brothers and sisters. These latest arrests painfully put the entire Malay-Muslim community under the spotlight through no fault of theirs. Muslims are peace loving people who are also looking forward to give thanks to God for their holy month of Ramadan as they prepare to celebrate the festival of Eid better known here as Hari Raya Adilfitri this weekend.

May these threats and trials only strengthen our resolve to stand strong and united; protecting our values of universal brotherhood, democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality for every Singaporean of every race and every creed.

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Issued by the Communications Office, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore  dated Tuesday, 20 June 2017