His Grace Most Reverend Archbishop William Goh thanked the Mufti of Singapore, Dr Mohamed Fatris Bakram for his solidarity and prayers and sympathy for the victims of the Lahore bombing. His Grace sent the letter through Mr Zainul Abidin, Director of Strategic Engagement of MUIS, which was also released to the media.


Dear Zainul,

His Grace thanks you for your solidarity and prayers and sympathy for the victims of the Lahore bombing.

He would like to share with our Muslim brothers and sisters, the following statement which has been issued to the media tonight.

“The Church decries any form of violence against innocent victims, whatever the motivation.  It behooves governments to ensure the protection of all peoples, regardless of race or religious affiliations, particularly the weak and the minority. Governments should also encourage greater inter-religious dialogue so that there will be greater mutual understanding and appreciation of each other’s religions.  All authentic religions promote justice, compassion and love for all.  Islam remains in our eyes, a religion of peace. We are convinced that in spite of the many terrorists acts committed by extremists groups and individuals, most Muslims are God-fearing people who are committed to the promotion of harmony, justice and love.  We are fortunate to have our Muslim brothers and sisters in Singapore who walk in this direction and are active in promoting mutual respect for other religions.

We pray that those who committed such crimes against humanity, especially the innocent and the weak, be enlightened in the truth.  We pray also for the victims and their loved ones.  May God console them and heal those who are injured.  May God give them the grace to forgive their oppressors for they do not know what they are doing.”